We believe that positive reputation is earned, not bought: By using professional tools and methods we are able to assist our clients in detecting and addressing driving forces and barriers which may strengthen or weaken their reputation.


We are helping hands: Many companies do not have enough personnel to cover all needs for communication at all time. Should such a situation arise, we are able to step in and deliver complete information products internally or externally, being regular newswires, stakeholder messages electronically or printed. We help you to produce and implement company communication strategy and plan.
We regard ourselves as specialists in profiling and visualizing the unique stories related to your company. If your communication does not function internally, it will not work externally!

Partner communication

We support quality interactions: On the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) there are rules and regulations for how field partners shall cooperate. Professional communication is one of the bedrocks in order to fulfill joint ventures’ responsibilities and business opportunities according to this framework. Unfortunately there are examples from the NCS demonstrating serious consequences like financial losses from weak partner communications.
We find our services within this area especially important for top management, also for industries outside the petroleum industry, and have strengthened our team with external experts ensuring best practice.

Crisis communication and emergency preparedness

We see to that practice makes perfect: We facilitate exercises where you may test in practice your emergency plans for taking care of your employees, their next of kind, owners, partners, authorities or others being affected by an accident within your company.
Our team is interdisciplinary covering crisis psychologists, health care, risk and safety operators and social scientists to mention some few.
Our emergency response services are on call 24/7 including operating emergency calls, media surveillance and reporting, facilitation of practical solutions regarding press room and press conferences.
Our media training courses are unique and are based on documented results. They are run by people who have been in real life situations handling accidents within the oil and gas industry, nationally and internationally. In other words, we share with you our experiences – good or bad - because we have been there, not only heard about it!

Media relations

We enable constructive dialogue: We offer a variety of services related to media relations. As we firmly believe in proactiveness, being prepared for handling all possible crises situations is of great importance. We therefore offer professional emergency response training; desk tops or full scale sessions.
We also deliver practical services like assisting in formulating the stories, writing press releases or facilitating key stakeholder relations.
We see ourselves as a communication bridge between 2nd and 3rd line in an emergency organization, securing efficient transfer of facts to top management which enables them to deliver correct and effective information internally and externally.

Risk Management

We believe in proactive thinking: Risk is often described as a danger for loosing something that we find valuable.
We deliver risk analyses and we like to believe that we are good in building barriers through a proactive mindset. Awareness through learning and training is an important building block for reducing all kinds of risks.
That’s why we insists that more is done than said, when all is said and done!

Stakeholder engagement

The art of listening: Communicating with the right person at the right time with the right message is not always easy, but of vital importance to your business. Our experience is that the outcome of stakeholder relations is linked to your ability to listen, i.e. putting your ear to the ground.
ADD COMPAS is a communication tool especially designed for stakeholder relations. It is a practical system for helping you to sort out and keep track of your communication activities with key stakeholders internally as well as externally. The system is one of its kinds. The uniqueness of ADD COMPAS lies in its multi functionality, where you keep track of your own statements and relations towards key stakeholders, and automatically record and receive warnings if you are behind scheduled with your communication or are lacking responses from important stakeholders.
Stakeholder engagement is not only about telling your story, but also listening to what others may think of your company or your activities.
With ADD COMPAS you do not stop when the light turns red, you act.

Employer Branding

Clear and visible: Companies with a clear, visible and consistent brand have a better chance of not only keeping, but also attracting new employees.
In the battle for the best brains good reputation, growth opportunities and fair compensations are of great importance. Your goals and standards may not be known to all, so we help you to tell it to the rest of the world.


Sustainable cooperation: The Norwegian model is based on active cooperation between industry and the society at large. One way of demonstrating your social responsibility is by becoming a sponsor. Through a well prepared and managed sponsor program you may demonstrate and market your corporate identity and company values and thereby attracting employees and business opportunities.
We are not talking about charity, but active support of projects or organizations creating valuable footprints for both your company and your employees as members of the Norwegian society.
If you do it the right way, you will see it on your bottom line!

Culture and values

The Bedrock: Everybody talk about culture, but very often they do not talk about the same thing. It is easy to underestimate the value of creating and formulating the meaning of your culture and the values that your business is based on. In our opinion it is a question of skills and methods. In other words it is a task for professionals.
Our advisors have international experience from building business and teams in different cultures. We have tried, failed and succeeded. One of our lessons learned is that you cannot just write or talk about company culture, you have to live it.
Are you working on a merger or an acquisition? To us, culture is closely linked to business.
We can help you to secure a successful business transaction through a realistic understanding of the company culture in question.